Fears are traded like stocks, by cleverly investing the virtual FEURO currency in popular fear stocks from multiple categories, players aim to become the top fear broker.

A project by Florian Egermann. Commissioned by Lichter Filmfest & NODE Forum for Digital Arts.

Curatorial Text

“Trading fears like a pro is possible with Florian Egermann’s interactive fear market. It will make your populist dreams come true! The scarier your product, the more impact it will have not only on society but primarily on your account balance. Following studies  such as “Die Ängste der Deutschen 2016” (Fears of the Germans) the online game resembles a stock market and turns fears into tradeable stocks  by assigning the highest value to the most “popular” ones among them. Based on Social Media  hashtag analysis Fear Exchange is always up to date and ready to exploit both tragic moments of shock and horror and personal insecurities for the higher cause: profit. Fear Exchange is a piece commissioned by Lichter Filmfest and NODE17 to conceptually connect the festivals’ respective themes “Truth” and “Designing Hope” and emphasize the current urge among cultural institutions to tackle issues that concern our present-day society.”

– Alexandra Waligorska, NODE e.V.

Artist statement

I am deeply worried by the rise of (mostly) right-wing populists and autocrats, who exploit peoples´ fears to gain influence. Playing FearExchange, players have to decide if they want to participate in this immoral game and profit of society´s fears.

FearExchange turns fears into gaming pieces, and tempts the player´s populistic impulses.

– Florian Egermann


  • Tim Becker (stock market consultation)
  • Konrad Bohley (Performance)
  • Jasper Diekamp (FearExchange Popup-booth planning & construction)
  • Philip Egermann (Proof reading & general support)
  • Almut Elhardt (Photography)
  • Matthias Krauß (FearExchange Popup-booth planning & construction)