Fear not – invest in it!

FearExchange 2.0

Hello and welcome to FearExchange 2.0 Early Access. Shortly after our debut at NODE – Forum For Digital Arts our servers could not handle the massive traffic, so we had to go back to the drawing board to improve the infrastructure.

FearExchange is a stock market for fears. Join now and become a Top-10 fear broker.

What´s new in FearExchange 2.0:

    • FearExchange has gone through a minor redesign to make it even more fun to use!
    • FearExchange is better optimized for mobile devices
    • Two new fears added: Fear of Corruption & Fear of Surveillance
    • The algorithms powering FearExchange have been continuously tweaked
    • You can now tweet your purchases!




We hope you enjoy the new release.

Start investing now!

The FearExchange-Team.

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